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Phottix M1000R RGB Light (Open Box)

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  • New generation RGB light that uses the latest in flicker-free LED technology for mobile phones and cameras. Ideal for anyone who needs extra light for photos, videos, vlogging, interviews, live streaming, and more!
  • Ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight design featuring long-life and low-heat LED's. Can also be used as a power bank
  • 21 Preset Multi-Scene Lighting Effects
  • Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature from warm (3200K) to cool (5600K). Perfect lighting for your photographic needs!
  • Full 0-360 degrees Color Hue and Saturation Adjustment. Color Rendering Index of 96+
  • Power Bank Function / Built-in 20000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Long-life, Low-Heat LEDs
  • Item Includes: M1000R LED Panel Unit, USB-C Rechargeable Cable, Varos Pro Umbrella/Cold Shoe Adapter, Pouch Bag, Hand Strap, Printed User Manual


The Phottix M1000R RGB Light is a new generation RGB light that uses the latest in flicker-free LED technology for mobile phones and cameras. The M1000R is ideal for smart phone users and on-the-go creators, and is perfect for shooting weddings, interviews, portraits, videos, and macro shots. The M1000R is for anyone who needs extra light for photos, video, vlogging, or live streaming. In addition to inheriting the attractive ultra-thin body design of the M180, the M1000R is rated at CRI 96+ for accurate color rendering, features bright high-performance LED’s, an adjustable brightness and color temperature (3200K-5600K) control function, full 0-360 degrees color hue and saturation adjustment, 21 preset multi-scene lighting effects, and can also be used as a power bank. Approximately the size of a smartphone, the back of the light features a bright LCD screen that provides a display of color temperature, effects, and battery level. Adjustments can be made by a button and wheel controls to adjust settings such as color, brightness, and effects modes. Getting creative with the M1000R is easy and quick. In RGB mode, the M1000R allows you to choose from a wide spectrum of colors to alter your background as well as get creative in many other ways. The selectable colors function as built-in color filters that can be controlled with hue, saturation, and brightness adjustments using a 360° RGB color wheel. The M1000R features 21 different multi-scene effects in seven groups such as Flash, Candle, Police, Fireworks, Strobe, Club, and more! Creativity knows no limits! 21 Preset Scenario Effects: Group A: Flash / Flash Fast / TV screen Group B: Candle / Flame 1 / Flame 2 Group C: Police / Ambulance / Fire truck Group D: Strobe Lights 1 / Strobe Lights 2 / Strobe Lights 3 Group E: Chase slow / Chase mid / Chase fast Group F: Fireworks 1 / Fireworks 2 / Fireworks 3 Group G: Club 1 / Club 2 / Romantic The M1000R built-in 4000mAh battery is rechargeable via a USB Type-C port. There is also a USB Type-A output that can be used as a power bank port to charge other accessories or mobile devices. The M1000R also includes a handy and versatile mini-tripod with secure locking and tilt capability, a cold shoe adapter, USB Type-C cable, hand strap, and carry pouch. A 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom of the light allows for mounting it using the included cold shoe mount onto your camera, or it can be mounted on a stand or handheld mount with a 1/4"-20 screw. The cold shoe adapter also features a 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom for additional mounting options.


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Charging Input Power: 5V 2A USB-C External Output Power: 5V 2A USB
Power Supply:
3.7V 20000mAh
Max Lux:
3200 (Lux @ 0.5m 5600K)
Color Temperature (Kelvin):
Limited 1 Year

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