Phottix Premio 47in Reflective Umbrella - Silver Interior & Black Exterior

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The new Phottix Premio Parabolic Reflective Umbrellas are available in 85cm/33" and 120cm/47" sizes. The umbrellas feature heavy-duty construction, made with fiberglass spokes for cleaner catch-lights and enhanced durability - that will stand up to the rigors of on-location work as well as in the studio. The locking mechanism has been completely redesigned, making it stronger and easier-to-use. After much research and testing the Premio series were designed as a deeper umbrella for more flexibility – fitting the work flow and style of any photographer. Couple these with optional white diffusers creating softboxes which are great for on-the-go.

  • 47"/120cm Parabolic reflective umbrella designed to be deeper for increased flexibility
  • Heavy duty contruction made with fiber glass spokes providing cleaner catch lights and enhanced durability
  • Works well in studio and is really great for location work
  • New improved locking mechanism designed to be stronger and more user friendly
  • The Phottix Premio series of products replaces the Para-Pro line up of light shapers.