Phottix Phottix Kali600 Honeycomb Grid and Gel Kit


The Phottix Kali600 Honeycomb and Gel Set Kit was created to help you better control and harness the powerful Kali600 Studio LED panel. Kit Includes: Magnetic 30-degree Honeycomb Grid 4x Color Gels: blue, yellow, red and green Cloth diffuser Magnetic 30-degree Honeycomb Grid - Helps control light and spill and enables you to Better feather the Kali600's output for beautiful shadows and added depth. 4x Color Gels: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green - When combined with the included grid, these gels can be used to project color onto backgrounds, create color casts or for special effect lighting Cloth Diffuser - Softens the Kali600's powerful light output for less contrast and cleaner highlights.