Phottix Photo Light Tent Cube Softbox 31.5in (80cm)

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The Phottix Photo Light Tent Cube (80x80x80cm) is a self-contained lighting studio which is ideal for catalogue online auction collectables and product photography. Phottix Photo Light Tent Cube Soft Boxes are made from a special photographic nylon fabric. It diffuses external light sources to soften shadows and reduce glare. It simplifies the lighting problems associated with photographing shiny or reflective objects by creating a highly controlled environment around the object. Four background cloths are included in black white blue and red to allow the box to be modified to complement the object inside. The cloths are kept in place with easy fasten Velcro fasteners that ensure the background stays in place and is positioned correctly. The Light Tentt Cube also collapses and stores away neatly in its included bag.

  • Creates self contained lighting studio
  • Four background colors: Black White Blue and Red
  • Collapsible portable
  • Includes carrying bag