Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter for Pentax


Developed with direct cooperation from Pentax engineers at Ricoh Imaging in Japan, the Phottix Odin II for Pentax brings the power, control, and ease of use of the Phottix TTL lighting ecosystem to Pentax users. Tested extensively with the Pentax 645Z Medium Format DSLR Camera and the ground-breaking Pentax K-1 DSLR, the Phottix Odin II gives Pentax users more creative control over their art. The Phottix Lighting Ecosystem System offers solutions for every photographer, from lighting minimalists to studio professionals. With the Odin II for Pentax, users can trigger and control the power level of the Indra 500TTL Battery Powered Studio Light in both TTL and Manual modes as well as adjust the modeling lamp all from the top of their camera. Also compatible are the newly introduced Juno Manual Flash and receivers from the Phottix Odin, Strato II, Atlas II and Ares II flash trigger systems. Note Odin, Strato II, Atlas II and Ares II compatibility only on channels 1-4, manual mode only. The Odin II allows Pentax users the ability to use High Speed Sync and shoot at speeds of up to 1/8000s on compatible cameras. When paired with the Phottix Indra500 TTL, shutter speeds are no longer a limitation. The Odin II for Pentax user interface was built off feedback from photographers across the globe. Features such as individual buttons for each group – A, B,C, D, E, and an analog thumbwheel give users quick and direct access to their strobes from the top of their camera when they need it most. The Odin II also features 32 channels as well as a Digital ID function to completely eliminate interference and outside triggering. Digital ID is a four digit code that secures the connection between compatible Phottix products and will only allow triggering signals from products using the same four-digit Digital ID code. Now there is far less to worry about when shooting in crowded situations like sporting events or concerts.

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Range:328ft (100m)
  • Channels:32
  • Groups: 5 (A/B/C/D/E)
  • High Speed Sync: Supported – up to 1/8000s on compatible cameras
  • Exposure Control System: TTL and manual (1/1-1/128,1/3 stop increment)
  • Digital ID: 0000-9999
  • Flash Ratio Control: 8:1-1:1-1:8
  • Flash Exposure Compensation: -3.0 to +3.0, 1/3 stop increment
  • Power Source: 2 x AA alkaline batteries or AA NI-MH batteries
  • AF Assist Light: Yes on compatible cameras
  • Second Curtain Sync: Yes
  • Firmware Upgradeable: Yes via USB
  • Compatible Cameras: K-1, K-5, K-7,645Z
  • Compatible Phottix Stobes: Indra 500 TTL, Juno Flash
  • Compatible Phottix Receivers: Odin, Strato II, Atlas II and Ares I (Channels 1-4 Manual only)