Phottix Lantern LED Softbox

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The Phottix Lantern 65 Softbox with Bowens Mount (26.5”) is an instant, omnidirectional softbox that spreads light evenly in every direction, making it perfect for indoor use. The spherical lantern softbox produces soft and diffused light, as well as adds accent lighting in a large room. By utilizing its 26.5" spherical design, the Lantern spreads the light from your LED or studio strobe in all directions with a 360° beam angle. The Bowens mount makes the softbox compatible with many types of monolights and strobes, as well as several continuous lighting set-ups. The Phottix Lantern Softbox is perfect for event photography or cinematography. Set-up is also quick and easy with the built-in, durable, flexible fiberglass rods and the nylon diffuser cover. Photographers and videographers looking for new light modifiers will love the versatility of this softbox.