Phottix Juno Li60 Lithium Battery Hot Shoe Flash + Odin Lite Tx Combo


The Phottix Juno Li60 Flash and Odin Lite Combo is the perfect travel companion for photographers on the road.The Li60 Flash packs professional power and super-fast recycle times in a manual flash. With a 3200mAh li-ion battery, the Phottix Juno Li60 offers serious power for serious professionals, super-charged with Phottix’s new Odin Z Operating System. When paired with the Phottix Odin Lite Controller, the Juno Li60 can be controlled and triggered from any camera system. The Phottix Odin Lite is an all-in-one manual trigger, giving users real-time remote power control and triggering with compatible Phottix lighting products including Indra, Juno and Mittros+ flashes from any camera system. The Odin Lite features 4 control groups, 32 channels, and has a range of 328ft (100m). Perfect for photographers shooting with different camera bodies! Power, Speed and Control – the busy location photographers new workhorse!