Phottix EasyHold-Tri 5-in-1 Triangle Reflector 32in

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The Phottix EasyHold-Tri 5-in-1 Triangle Reflector 32" Features easy grip handles in two positions to make it simple for both solo shooters and assistants to use. The reflector comes with a translucent triangular panel for softening transmitted light and a reversible sleeve with Gold, Silver, White and Black surfaces. Gold gives you a warm late afternoon effect, silver renders cooler reflected light with high contrast. White gives you soft, neutral fill light while black subtracts light and reflections, making it easy to create a light ratio on a flat day. The triangle reflector folds down to approximately 1/3 its open size when not in use.

  • Gold bounce panel gives a sunny day warm glow, excellent for portrait work
  • Silver bounce panel provides a high contrast reflective bounce, pumping in more light to increase highlights
  • White bounce panel creates a bright, natural second light source for filling in shadows and creating highlights
  • Light absorbing black doesn't allow reflection, making it suitable for blocking sun or window light to reduce unwanted shadows, hot spots or highlights. It's also great for creating a light ratio in flatly illuminated situations
  • Translucent white diffusion panel was designed to soften light and minimizes bright sunlight and shadows