Phottix Aion Universal Wireless Timer and Shutter Release

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Coming soon. Available around 01/04/21.

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This revolutionary wireless timer and shutter release offers photographers an amazing number of triggering options, including self, interval, and long exposure timers, plus auto-bracketing for HDR. The Aion operates on 2.4GHz frequency and is capable of being operated from a distance of almost 200ft. Featuring an easy to read backlit LCD, the Aion will help photographers expand their creative horizons day or night.

Included Cables:
N8 (Nikon 10-pin remote terminal)
NlO (Nikon DC-2 cable)
C6 (Canon E3 type Also used on many Fuji, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, and Hasselblad Cameras)
C8 (Canon N3 type)
S8 (Sony Multi-terminal)

Multiple timer functions:

  • Self, interval and long exposure timers
  • Number of frames setting
  • Auto-bracketed timer setting for HDR photos.

Multiple shutter functions:

  • Two-stage shutter button for AF and shutter release
  • Instant, continuous 5 shot, 2 second delay and bulb shutter release mode