Phottix 6-in-1 IR Remote

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The Phottix 6-in-1 IR Remote offers wireless auto-focus and shutter release functions for:

    • Nikon
    • Canon DSLR
    • Canon G/S/Pro Series
    • Sony
    • Pentax
    • Olympus

The Phottix 6-in-1 IR Remote offers great functionality despite its compact and portable size. It is perfect for shooters using different camera brands. The reliable Phottix 6 in 1 IR Remote cuts camera bag clutter with one all purpose remote allowing extra space for other crucial gear.
The Phottix 6 in 1 IR remote is made with high quality components for reliability and durability.

  • Wireless auto-focus.
  • Wireless shutter release.
  • Compatible with many camera brands and models.