Phottix 16-inch Multi Boom


The 16" Multi Boom Flash Bracket is a convenient way to use 1 or 2 shoe mount flashes with a standard bounce or translucent "shoot through" umbrella, as well as with softboxes with umbrella-type setup and breakdown. Constructed from lightweight, machined aluminum alloy, the Multi Boom Flash Bracket consists of a base plate with two knurled knobs attached to flash shoes, a 16" boom section and a removable padded grip section. The bracket is designed to center the light source in an umbrella or softbox for even distribution. The knobs that connect to the flash shoes on the base are captive to prevent loss and can be positioned anywhere along the bar. The 16" part of the bracket is tapped in several places along its length to center the base-mounted flash units or to establish a lower center of gravity for stability. A removable padded handle allows an assistant to hand-hold the bracket with a light modifier while on location. The handle has an eye bolt to attach a counterweight or battery when using the unit as a boom. The entire system folds flat and stores in an included case.

  • Mounts one or more flashes so that they are centered to the umbrella
  • Allows a full 180 degree tilt
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Anti slip foam handle for hand held use
  • Eye bolt handle grip provides easy access to a handle and a point to attach battery packs or small counterweights